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Membership Class

If you're interested in pursuing membership at GLBC, the link below is how you can start that process. Membership at GLBC is significant and the process can be seen below. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out
  • Step One - Watch the Prospective Members class online & follow up on any questions with the pastor.
  • Step Two - Having watched, read, and being in substantial agreement with the church’s central documents.
  • Step Three - Membership Interview with the Pastor and at least two current members. The term “interview” might be too formal. It’s basically just a time for us to hear you testimony of salvation, verify that you’ve been baptized, talk through the Gospel, and share my heart.
  • Step Four - After the interview you will be referred to the entire leadership team.
  • Step Five - Upon review, the leadership team makes a formal motion to the congregation to receive you into membership during a private member’s meeting.
  • Step Six - Right hand of fellowship is extended on a Sunday morning.

Sunday School Resources

Below are links to past Sunday school studies at GLBC. 

Father's & Mother's Day Gifts