Our Core Values

1. Bible-Centered: We are a congregation of people who are submitted to the truth & authority of the Bible (1 Tim 3:16).
2. God-Centered:  This means we’re more concerned with pleasing God than pleasing people or keeping up human religious traditions.
3. Gospel-Centered: We present the good news of Jesus’ substitutionary death and resurrection for sinners as the central message of the Bible (1 Cor 15:1-3).

Our Purpose

The purpose of Gospel Life Baptist Church is to glorify God by exalting Him in both public and private worship, by serving and encouraging one another unto love and good works, and by making disciples of all peoples.

Our Vision

Since we believe that the Gospel is at the root of all real change in our lives (justification, sanctification, and glorification), and is the fuel for our worship of God, fellowship with each other, and disciple-making efforts in the world, it is the vision of Gospel Life Baptist Church to be a congregation that is continually growing in our apprehension, appreciation, and application of the Gospel, both individually and corporately, and in that way bringing glory to God by our lives.